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The Ability Center of Greater Toledo

By: Mallory Tarr

Young boy in wheelchair shaking hands with ramp builder.

The Ability Center of Greater Toledo is a nonprofit providing seven unique programs that support people with disabilities to live, work, and socialize within a fully accessible community.

What we offer is so much more than training service dogs and employment skills training. We make independence possible for people in our community who are living with disabilities, and we have done so for nearly 100 years.

Where it Began

Our agency, and our name, has transformed over the decades, but our commitment to enhancing life for individuals living with disabilities has remained constant.

Sparked by the independent living movement, our trustees altered the agency’s mission and in 1990, we became The Ability Center.

Looking Ahead

As we prepare to enter our Centennial year in 2020, we recognize the need to think outside the box and ask a very important question:

What would it take to make Toledo the most disability-friendly city?

  • What would it take to make our city fully accessible?
  • What would it take to ensure all citizens have access to public transportation?
  • What would it take to create inclusive communities where all people are expected to succeed?

We ask ourselves these questions daily, and now there is a platform for change. The Disability Dialog campaign aims to uncover barriers, share stories, and shed light on topics that matter to influential community members who can make change happen.

Ability Center Executive Director, Tim Harrington, shares, "It is critical that this long-term goal of being the most disability-friendly community also includes partners that share the goal."

The Ability Center is thrilled to be leading the discussion on behalf of the disability community to put Toledo on the map for how we are building a community that cares. In the coming months, we will unveil big picture projects that will improve this community. We imagine a place where differences are celebrated, opportunities are available to everyone, and an inclusive Toledo is made a reality.

Will you help make our community disability-friendly? Do your part and engage in the Disability Dialog conversation.


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