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What would it take for the Toledo area to be named the most disability-friendly community in the United States?

A disability-friendly community asks its citizens to become creative problem-solvers. If some of us have a problem, we all have a problem. When we solve it for some, we can solve it for all. Disability Dialog is your invitation to weigh-in on key topics, and offer your ideas and/or suggestions for solutions—the more creative the better!


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Accessible Facilities

You may not notice if you don’t need them, but Toledo Mudhens and Walleye, Metroparks, and the University of Toledo Savage Arena are examples of new building or renovations that ensured their facilities are accessible for everyone. What would it take for accessibility to be valued in greater Toledo so it can be felt by anyone who needs it?

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Accessibility and inclusion isn’t a special consideration, it’s just another consideration

Casey Harris, X Ambassadors

For persons with disabilities, innovation is not an option, it is a requirement to get through the day

Wendy Myers Cambor