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What would it take for the Toledo area to be named the most disability-friendly community in the United States?

A disability-friendly community asks its citizens to become creative problem-solvers. If some of us have a problem, we all have a problem. When we solve it for some, we can solve it for all. Disability Dialog is your invitation to weigh-in on key topics, and offer your ideas and/or suggestions for solutions—the more creative the better!


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Transportation is a requirement for full participation in a community. Adults with disabilities are twice as likely to have inadequate transportation and often depend on public transit. In Toledo, TARTA and Tarps have cut back their services due to funding issues. What other ideas or options should be considered to solve our region’s transportation challenge?

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On average, transportation is the second largest household expenditure after housing


Of all households in the U.S. do not have a car and must rely on alternative modes of transportation